User-Friendly UI

We assure you that you would get hold to the application within 20 minutes and start using the application with ease after 20 minutes. Never worry about training your employees. Rainfeed solves the complex problems in a simple way.

Sales Oriented

Get your Leads/Sales increase by 33% with Rainfeed as the application increases employee productivity, analyze the best Return on Investment(ROI) and report generation which gets everything in place so that you get to concentrate on work rather than the process.

Responsive Cloud App

Stop using the application only on a slow desktop! Technology has improved and so should your business. Rainfeed is hosted in cloud with best security so that you can access the application anytime, anywhere, in any device with a internet connection.

Action Speaks Louder than Words

We understand that keeping a complete website with a lot of contents regarding the application would bore you much and most of the audience want to experience the application instead of lengthy blah-blah-blah's. Just send us an enquiry by filling the below form and we would get in touch with you to give the best presentation of the application. You can also drop by at our office anytime with regards to Rainfeed.

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